Partnership with our ministries involves a commitment. It is a commitment to assist us in fulfilling our God-given destiny to impact the lives of people and lead people into deliverance through prayer and preaching. Every soul that is saved and life that is changed through our ministries is credited to the heavenly accounts of our Partners.

Monthly Partner

When you give to our ministries you are helping us fulfill the vision that God has given us. We endeavor to use your gifts wisely as we seek to be faithful stewards of the resources entrusted to us. We need partners who will help us accomplish our mission.


Prayer Partner

Since what we are involved in is a spiritual warfare, the success of it relies on how much we stand before God. The enemy is on a war against us as we continue to plunder his kingdom on a daily basis. To become a prayer partner, please fill the form below.

I will pray for Edinbaro Ministries

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One time Donation

Your gift makes it possible for us to preach the Word to the world through broadcasts, conferences and crusades. Pray and expect an abundant harvest as your seed is being sown into good ground.

For International donations , please use the PayPal link below!.

Our Present Needs

Our Present Needs